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The Story Of Brent’s Deli

Our Story

Brent’s Deli, Where Everyone Who Sits At Our Table Is Family…

At Brent’s Deli, we combine family values with quality ingredients for a recipe of long-standing success. Voted as one of the best delicatessens in Los Angeles and Southern California, the story of Brent’s Deli begins well before we opened our doors in 1967.

For years, Brent’s Deli founder Ron Peskin had worked behind the counter at various delis throughout the San Fernando Valley, including his uncle’s establishment. When he was offered a position as manager at an established yet declining deli in Northridge, Peskin respectfully turned down the position, but the owner offered to sell him the business. Despite the advice he received against the financial investment, Ron Peskin and his wife Patricia bought Brent’s Deli and forged into the delicatessen and restaurant scene with just one delivery truck and 11 employees. They kept the name Brent’s Deli due to the coincidence of having a son by the same name (i.e. Brent Peskin).


“For the first year-and-a-half of reopening Brent’s Deli, I never took a day off.” Ron Peskin reminisces. “I made every single sandwich because I wanted each one to be perfect.” The rest is history. Famous for our mouthwatering reuben sandwich, hand sliced lox, and rich desserts, Brent’s Deli follows in Peskin’s footsteps–from attention to detail and excellent customer service. These days, Brent’s Deli continues to be a family-run and operated business with Ron’s son Brent, daughter Carrie, and son-in-law Marc working as official members of the restaurant’s management team. Due to the business’ hands-on approach throughout the decades, Brent’s Deli has grown to become one of the best delicatessens in the state–and nation!

A combination of high standards, quality food, and a taste of home is what sets Brent’s Deli apart from other Los Angeles area eateries. Now home to two beautiful Southern California locations, Brent’s Deli serves its original locale in Northridge as well as food lovers in Westlake Village. Led by Marc, the new Westlake location houses Brent’s Bar for specialty cocktails, craft beers, mimosa flights, and small plates. Given our dedication to keeping our customers happy and full, we’re excited to see the Brent’s Deli family grow in the years to come.