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Brent's Deli
Ron Peskin circa 1959After working for many years behind a deli counter for his uncles and at various delis in the San Fernando Valley, he was offered a management position with an existing, but failing deli in Northridge. He respectfully declined the position, so the owner proposed he buy the business, bad debt and all . With close to no money and a lot of advice against the purchase, Ron and his wife Patricia forged into a new business in 1969 with all of 11 employees and one delivery truck. Funny thing, they had a son whose name is also Brent, so the deli kept its name. “For eighteen months I never took a day off," Ron recalls. "I made every sandwich. I wanted every one to be perfect."
Ron is now joined by his son Brent, daughter Carie and son-in-law Marc, whose hands-on approach has helped grow Brent's Deli into the # 1 Delicatessen and Restaurant in the nation, with delivery anywhere in Southern California (as far north as Santa Barbara and as far south as San Diego). Our high standards and passion for consistently excellent food are part of our formula for success.
Brent's Deli
However, it is the quality of the staff, their fanatical dedication to customer service and their ability to make the customer feel right at home, that really sets us apart and keeps our customers coming back again and again. In addition to the Northridge location, the family -- led by Marc -- has opened the long-awaited and highly anticipated second store in Westlake Village.
Brent's Deli
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