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CSQ Magazine - March 2015

Counting scores of loyal locals in the business community, the Brent’s mantra among power brokers is simple: Meet. Eat. Repeat. Continue reading CSQ Magazine
LA Weekly

LA Weekly - October 2014

"Open since 1969, Brent’s Deli goes out of the way to give you what you want. Exactly what you want. In fact, Brent’s has over 650 items on the menu. One of those items is a delicious chocolate egg cream.  Continue reading October 2014 LA Weekly blog

ABC 7 - September 2014

ABC7 Los Angeles reporter Jonathan Novack visits Brent's Deli in Westlake Village to discuss holiday favorites for Rosh Hashanah. Watch ABC7 report

Westways - September 2014

"It's small and in a strip mall, but everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to city council members have sung the praises of Brent's... Continue reading Westways
LA Weekly

LA Weekly - May 2014

"This is the real deal - hand-slicing - and Brent's has been doing it right since opening in 1967," writes popular blog LA Weekly. Continue reading May 2014 LA Weekly blog
Lefsetz Letter

Lefsetz Letter - May 2014

"We went to Brent’s Deli. I needed to feel something. ... And since I didn’t get my pastrami sandwich on my birthday, and since Langer’s is no longer open at night, we journeyed out to Brent’s." Continue reading Lefsetz Letter
FORE Magazine

FORE Magazine - August 2013

"Players: Prepare to pardon the plus-fours, slacken the shorts and skirts and call upon the capacity of those ‘Comfort Plus’ waistbands. The aptly-lauded Brent’s Deli is not for the tight of khaki.” Continue reading FORE Magazine
Ventura County Star - Readers' Choice May 2013

Ventura County Star - May 2013

Brent's Deli has been named the Winner in the 2013 Readers' Choice awards "Deli" category, in addition to being listed as a Favorite for "Business Lunch," "Breakfast," "Bagel" and "American Food."
L.A. Foodie

L.A. Foodie - April 2013

As home of the famous Black Pastrami Reuben, Brent’s Deli will not let you (or your stomach) down! ... The Pastrami Reuben is their #1 item, ordered by a guest every couple minutes," writes popular food blog L.A. Foodie. Continue reading L.A. Foodie
Zagat 2013

Zagat Survey - 2013

For the 17th year overall, Brent’s Deli has been voted the number-one Delicatessen & Restaurant, as well as the fifth most popular restaurant in Los Angeles, by the 2013 Zagat Survey.
NBC Los Angeles

NBC Los Angeles - January 2013

NBCLosAngeles.com writes, "Up at Brent's Deli in Northridge ... It's the Black Pastrami Reuben all the way. Calling this dish the signature offering of the always-bustling strip-mall restaurant doesn't quite go far enough. What's the world beyond "signature"? That's the word we want. That word."
C-Suite Quarterly Magazine

C-Suite Quarterly Magazine - September 2012

"Brent’s Deli is a natural choice for a power breakfast," the magazine writes. "For starters, it is open early, and thanks to its menu and ambiance, it has the kind of New York City vibe that is sure to wake up you and your crew. In response to the demand of customers who want to carb up for a long work day but not slow down, Brent’s Deli is now cooking and frying with canola oil, and also makes Low-Fat or Fat Free Cream Cheese and Sugar Free Syrup available on request."
Daily News Readers Choice 2012

Daily News Readers Choice 2012
- September 2012

Brent’s Deli has been named the best deli in Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Daily News 2012 Readers’ Choice poll.
Los Angeles Times Readers' Choice - August 2012

Los Angeles Times Readers' Choice - August 2012

Brent’s Deli has been named the best deli in Southern California, according to the Los Angeles Times 2012 Readers’ Choice poll.
Ventura County Star Readers' Choice - July 2012

Ventura County Star Readers' Choice - July 2012

For the second straight year, Brent’s Deli in Westlake Village has been voted best East County deli in the Ventura County Star’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards. In addition, Brent’s Deli is also a 2012 readers’ choice favorite for Best Bagel, Best Bakery, Best Business Lunch, and Best Catering Company.
Our Ventura Blvd Best Reuben Sandwich Award - July 2012

"Our Ventura Blvd" Best Reuben Sandwich Award - July 2012

The magazine writes, "Love sandwiches (almost) the size of your head? Then this family-run deli is for you. Over the past 40 years, customers have made the trek to Northridge to devour Brent’s gargantuan, pickle-laden, corned-beef-stacked Reuben. The fresh bread is perfectly toasted with just the right amount of Russian dressing. Trust us, you won’t have room for dessert."
CBS Los Angeles Best Reubens in Los Angeles

CBS Los Angeles Best Reubens in Los Angeles
- May 2012

The Incredible Black Pastrami Reuben at Brent’s is the sandwich to order, which Brent’s promises will "melt in your mouth." The hot sauerkraut that comes along with the sandwich is both steamy and a bit spicy, making for an all-around warming dining experience. All of Brent’s reubens – choose from corned beef, grilled knockwurst, fresh turkey or black pastrami – are served with thick-cut steak fries and coleslaw. In business for more than forty years, Brent’s is family owned, keeping its promise to uphold the high-quality philosophy it started out with in 1967. The go-to destination for catering, Brent’s will pull together a feast for the holidays, parties, reunions and more.

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November 2010
Food Network
The Best Thing I Ever Ate At A Deli

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May 2010
Socal Eats Review
Los Angeles Magazine - May 2009

Los Angeles Magazine - May 2009

You'd be hard-pressed to make a misstep ordering anything off the menu at the insanely popular Brent's, an outpost of Lower East Side authenticity in a Northridge strip mall. Try the matzo brei, cabbage soup, the rightfully famous black pastrami Reuben, and Grandma Eva's noodle kugel.

Los Angeles Magazine - October 2007
Los Angeles Magazine - October 2007

#1. Brent's Northridge The strip mall doesn't seem promising, but the fleet of trucks outside Brent's, ready to deliver the deli's provisions, and proclaims it a favorite. From the moment you enter, you can't help feeling the joyous abandon. Groups wait by the door, the to-go counter is humming, and in the galley kitchen a scrum of countermen slice, pile, and schmear as they work through the tickets on the order wheel. No deli so perfectly combines the quality of the food with...
Read more from Los Angeles Magazine
Southern California Spaces - July/August 2008
Southern California Spaces - July/August 2008
By Merrill Shindler

By 9 o'clock on Sunday morning, they're already lined up at Brent's Deli in Northridge, waiting for a table or take-out order. An hour later, the crown has turned into an affable mob of couples and families, all daydreaming of bagels and smoked fish, omelets and matzo brie. Forget "Eat at Joe's"-at Parthenia and Corbin, it's "Eat at Brent's." Since 1994, without missing a year, Brent's has... Read more from Southern California Spaces
Brent's Deli Receives Top Honors in Tri-Counties
Ventura County Star-July 17, 2008

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA-Brent's Deli has recently been honored by residents and two regional newspapers for their delicious food and great business success.

Weiser Creative Group President, Paula Weiser, nominated Brent's Deli in the Large Enterprise category for the Pacific Coast Business Times' Family Business Awards. Marc Hernandez, managing partner of the Westlake Village restaurant accepted the award on behalf of Brent's at a banquet honoring Family-owned Businesses that are community leaders offering superior products and services in the tri-counties.

A short time later, the Ventura County Star bestowed upon Brent's Deli the Readers' Choice Award for Best Deli in the east county. The winners in each category are determined by popular vote from readers of the Star.

Congratulations to Brent's Deli on their enormous success at their Westlake Village location.

Ventura County Star
Brent's Deli Gets Heaps of Praise
Daily News of Los Angeles - February 2008
By Dana Bartholomew

NORTHRIDGE—Brent's Deli owner Ron Peskin greeted each customer with the golden hands of a lifelong delimeister.

For the patriarch of Brent's Delicatessen & Restaurant, a warm rugalah embrace is as heartening as a colossal corned beef on rye. "It's a very haimish, a very haimish place," said Peskin, dropping a Yiddish ingredient to describe the folksy, down-to-earth magnet for deli mavens across Los Angeles. "Family-friendly."

In 41 years, Brent's Deli has grown from a mini-mall sandwich outpost to one of the top delis in the nation, with restaurants in Northridge and Westlake Village.

In October, it was rated best L.A. deli by Los Angeles magazine. For 15 years, the Zagat Survey has ranked Brent's as the No. 1 deli in L.A. "Fans feel like they `died and went to pastrami heaven," according to last year's Zagat guide.

Outside the famous green awning at Parthenia Street and Corbin Avenue in Northridge, motorists hunt for parking as delivery trucks inscribed with “Hungry people eat (at) Brents” roll out sandwich platters from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Inside, diners pack plain green booths with a palpable air of pure food lust.

On a wall hangs a ceremonial fireman's axe, a tribute from emergency workers fed after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Nearby hang mementos from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Foo Fighters rock band. "It is the place to go in Northridge,...the best deli in L.A.," said Councilman Greig Smith, a 25-year regular seated over a tub-size Cobb salad with blue cheese. "The cabbage soup -- it's phenomenal. And the sandwiches; you could eat off of them for a week."

"Just like my grandmother used to make," added Marv Smith of Chatsworth, eagerly awaiting soup centered with a light-but-firm matzoh ball "the size of a softball."

A native of Cleveland, Peskin moved with his family after World War II to Los Angeles, where he graduated from Van Nuys High School in 1959.
While in high school, he earned his chops working at his uncle's Linker's Deli in Sherman Oaks, and later Art's and Mort's delis.

In 1969, he scraped together $1,800 to put down on a tiny deli-by chance named after his 3-year-old son, Brent-in a remote strip mall backed by orange groves.

"I didn't let anybody make a sandwich the first year and a half...because I didn't trust anybody," said Peskin, 66, a gregarious man with a gray stubble goatee. "Now, I got good people working for me. It's gotta be the best, gotta be. Otherwise, I get a bit meshugeneh" - or nuts.

Over the years, his Northridge Brent's went from nine workers to 150, while a breakfast special went from 59 cents to $10.25 for bacon and eggs.

Each day, cooks listening to Mexican cumbias cook up 10 roasting chickens, 24 turkeys, 16 briskets, 250 pounds of corned beef, 250 pounds of pastrami and 500 pounds of spuds for the deli's renowned potato salad and amber fries. An additional 75 pounds of chicken a day goes into its restorative chicken soup. And that doesn't include the homemade blintzes, cheesecake, lemon bars and top-selling brownies.

"You want something fantastic?" said Peskin, walking by a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie the size of a saucer. "Taste that."

"The reason the food's so good is we use the same recipes all the time-Ron's recipes," said Rudy Miranda, the Northridge deli's head chef. "My good boss-why I'm here 25 years."

Brent Peskin now manages the Northridge deli, while his sister, Carie, and her husband, Marc Hernandez, manage the Westlake Village deli that went gangbusters after opening in 2006. Ron Peskin's wife, Patricia, handles the books.

"I think I'm most proud of the family, how they actually work together, their chemistry, their work ethic," said Peskin, kvelling over his creation.
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